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Flea Market & Car Corral Vending

Vendor Kit

Download our Vendor Kit rules and regulations, product listing directions, and more helpful information. 

Vendor Kit (PDF)

Individual, Small, or Big Business – Turn Products and Vehicles into Revenue within the Automotive Flea Market and Car Corral at Carlisle.

Annually, more than 500,000 automotive enthusiasts pass through the gates of the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds. Many come to see the cars on display, while also shopping in the aisles of the automotive flea market or to purchase a vehicle in the car corral. Did you know there are nine different automotive flea market/sales opportunities annually with Carlisle Events? It’s true and best of all, you don’t have to be a big business to secure an automotive flea market or car corral space.

What is the Automotive Flea Market and Car Corral?

· An automotive flea market, or swap meet, is a concentrated area dedicated to buying, selling, and trading of automotive parts, signage, collectibles, and other items. The car corral is reserved for vehicle sales only.

· Your purchased space acts as your business footprint. Flea market spaces are approximately 10 feet wide by 30 feet deep and car corral spaces are approximately 10 feet wide by 20 feet deep. Space rental fees vary per event – call for details.

· Securing a space to sell offers you, the seller, a captive audience. In many instances, the automotive event attached to the flea market is the largest of its type, drawing guests from around the world.

· With planning and advanced commitment, your business/vending space can be showcased in advance in a variety of ways. Your name and space numbers are listed in the event guide and a FREE product listing can be listed on the Carlisle Events app.

· If you decide to renew the space for the following year during the event you attend, you receive a 10% early renewal discount. Carlisle Events also offers additional perks to our vendors – 24-hour access to the facility, Bathhouses with showers, free parts-hauling, security and security cameras, the ability to stay overnight on-grounds, food vendors, friendly staff, and a clean facility.

Please review the Vendor Kit for specific details and policies.

Call the Customer Service department today to secure your space or spaces at your event of choice. Whether you are an enthusiast who likes to wrench on cars and have an abundance of parts you’d like to sell or maybe you inherited a haul from a friend or an estate sale…or, maybe you deal in the rare and unique - Carlisle is the perfect place to sell your collectibles, signage, merchandise, vehicles and more.

For more details, please contact us today, 717-243-7855 and press 0 for operator. 

Please note, Carlisle Events is the ONLY authorized retail source for purchasing tickets, passes, gift cards, and vendor & Showfield registrations. Purchasers, registrants & vendors should not go through any other retail source for purchase of Carlisle Events ticket or registration products. Carlisle Events is not responsible for issuing refunds or credits for purchase of these products made through unauthorized third-party sellers.

    Questions? No problem! Contact our Business Development Associate, Tim DeMark.

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